Prefilled Smart Bottles

You Buy -> You Use -> You Return

Buy your favourite products in a sustainable Smart Bottle! Buy, use, return – it’s that simple.  

To return a bottle, either drop it off at the Return Point in the store you purchased it from, or return it for free via Royal Mail Returns. 

Find all return points here.

Refill a Smart Bottle

You Refill -> You Use -> You Return

In selected locations only – fill your own Smart Bottle! Get your Smart Bottle from the refill station, select your product and fill. Then apply your label and head to the till. 

Currently in ASDA Leeds Middleton, more locations coming soon.

See all locations here.

See our Refill Stations in Action

Beauty Kitchen exists to pioneer sustainable change in the beauty industry. Whilst being the first UK high street beauty business to become a B Corporation and launching Return•Refill•Repeat was a great start. The Refill Stations will bring access to the circular economy to millions of households. We hope that other beauty and household brands and retailers will collaborate with us to extend the impact of our innovation.”

– Jo Chidley
Founder of Return•Refill•Repeat