Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a Smart Bottle better than plastic?

Typically, plastic bottles are designed to be used once, and then recycled. However – not all plastic makes it to be recycled! Often, they end up in landfill, or pollute our oceans. Our Smart Bottles can be filled over and over again, reducing plastic and carbon emissions. 

A Return•Refill•Repeat bottle only needs to be refilled once for the CO2 to be lower than single use plastic packaging!

Can I refill my own bottle?

You’ll need to refill using a Smart Bottle. This means that you can track your bottle’s journey and environmental savings through its unique QR code! It also means we know your bottle will fill perfectly every time, as we have designed the Refill Stations to work with the Smart Bottle. 

Why are the Smart Bottles made from Stainless Steel?

Stainless Steel is a really robust and durable material – so it’s perfect for a reusable bottle! It is also easily recyclable which makes it a very sustainable and circular material. 

How long will a Smart Bottle last?

Stainless Steel is really durable, so if you look after it, it will last infinitely! However, if you wish to get a new bottle, or yours becomes damaged, you can return your bottle to us and receive a coupon for the value of a new bottle. Once the bottle has come back to us, we’ll recycle it. 

What is the QR on my Smart Bottle for?

Every bottle has a unique QR code – a way for us to identify the bottle and the journey it’s been on. If you can the QR code, you can see all the information about the product in the bottle, as well as the bottle’s life so far, including how many times it has been refilled. 

How do I track my environmental savings?

To track your environmental savings, you will need to create an account with us. You can do this by either scanning a Smart Bottle QR code, or when you’re filling a bottle at a Refill Station. Once your account is set up, every time you scan a bottle it will be added to your account and your plastic and carbon savings will be updated too. You can head to your profile to see your total savings.

What do I need to do when refilling my bottle?

Bring back an empty bottle to refill with the same product. You will need to remove the label, as we’ll print you a new one when you refill the bottle. Don’t forget to keep hold of the bottle cap – you will need this once the bottle has been refilled. 

I don't want my Smart Bottle - how should I recycle it?

If you no longer want your Smart Bottle, you can return it to us either at a Return Point or for free via Royal Mail Returns. If we can’t reuse it, we’ll recycle it. Alternatively, you can recycle it with your household recycling.